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Wicked Smart Wedding Ceremony Music

This unique music gives beauty, joy and grace to wedding ceremonies.
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The digital booklet in PDF format, "Planning Your Wicked Smart Ceremony Music" is included with each album.

Mp3 Playlist Ready Albums
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WS Wedding 1
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Playlist of favorites  in today's wedding ceremonies.  A classical,  festive feel with a few surprises if uniqueness is desired.
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WS Wedding 2
  [More Previews]
Tastefully jazzed up wedding ceremony playlist.  The Flute steps respectfully out of the traditional in a Wicked Smart way.
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Easy, Fast Read PDF digital booklet:
"Planning Your Wicked Smart Ceremony"
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  • Playlists to ALL albums and more...
  • 5 basic music parts to your ceremony.
  • 6 Wicked Smart Ceremony tips.
  • Tip for a killer app that makes it easy.
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